Local Control

With President Trump in the White House and Republican control of the state legislature, cities will be the only place where real progressive victories are possible in the next few years, and it’s our opportunity and responsibility to demonstrate the potential of a progressive vision for the future. That’s why I oppose any preemption from the state level on our worker protections.

A living Wage

We have to bring wages up to meet the current cost of living. Someone working for $9.00 an hour isn’t living well in this city, and we all know it. That’s why I supported Earned Safe and Sick Time, it’s why I support workers’ right to organize, and it’s why I support a $15 minimum wage, phased in gradually and indexed to inflation, so that business owners and workers can plan, budget, and adapt.


Affordable housing

The cost of rent is increasing at a rate that is unsustainable for residents. We need to build more housing in areas that can support higher density to ease demand, we need to insist that affordable units are included in new development, and we need to protect the housing that’s still affordable in our neighborhoods. This is an issue I’ve worked on for years, and I care deeply about making this a city where everyone has stable, affordable housing. I want to continue and build on this work to improve and expand housing options in this Ward for everyone.

A City for everyone

We need to aspire to better as a city. I want to work toward a Minneapolis where in classrooms, in banks, in job interviews, in police interactions, in neighborhood meetings, in court, in real estate transactions, and in city hall, black lives really do matter. Data and common sense tell us we have a long way to go. We need to get sophisticated about how systems intersect and reinforce each other so that we can short circuit the cycle. There shouldn’t be any decisions made in City Hall without considering the racial equity impact of the decision.


Sustainable Economy

The 3rd Ward is the beating heart of the Minneapolis economy, and if there are going to be great jobs for workers, we need to support and grow small businesses that are owned in the community, spend their money in the community, and will stay in the community for the long term.

Smart Development

The great thing about building smart density - housing aligned with transit, in walkable, bikeable neighborhoods, close to jobs - is that we can eliminate the cost of car ownership from working families’ budgets, and close the affordability gap for more people in our ward. And we reduce traffic and fossil fuel consumption in the process.